Veterans Path Up (VPU) has established a Board of Directors that consists of veterans from the Korean War through the Gulf War. These members have ‘been there’ and ‘done that.’ They are providing their experiences and accomplishments to help other veterans to move up.

Kenneth A. Lacy

Kenny Lacy Executive Director Veterans Path Up
Executive Director for Veterans Path Up

Ken started his Navy career in the Engineering Department on a Nuclear Submarine over a four year period. He followed this with 3 years of Security duty and then becoming an EOD-Explosive Ordnance Diver. He switched to the reserves and become a hard hat diver which then enabled him to become a Commercial Diver on the civilian side at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

He was injured on a dive job and during his rehabilitation, received his Bachelors in Business Management. He went on to retire from the Navy reserves with a combined 26 years of service.

He has two grown children and began investing in real estate in 2012. He has been investing with self-directed IRA’s in the local Charlotte market and has invested in delinquent mortgages in multiple states. In 2013, Ken developed an investment model of funding the acquisition and rehab of properties, placing tenants in them under property management and selling the properties to turn-key investors. In August of 2014, he began working with the Veterans Administration, and many non-profits within the community to place at risk and homeless veterans into properties. He is a member of the “Housing our Heroes” team to end veteran homelessness in Charlotte.

In order to maximize his ability to help more Veterans under the umbrella of a 501(c)3, he created Veterans Path Up. He established a board of directors and is now working to serve those honorably discharged veterans that want a path to home ownership. Through the network of a great team, Veterans Path Up is helping veterans build their credit while living in stable homes. This in turn gets them on the path to home ownership.

Mark Walters

Property Management, Real Estate Leasing and Investing

President and CEO of MW Properties of NC is a Serial Entrepreneur. At the tender age of seventeen he firmly established himself as an entrepreneur. His first major business venture came at the age of twenty-six, when he opened his first Bellsouth Mobility Authorized Retail Center. Within 3 years, he would go on to open a total of 26 retail stores becoming one of the largest Bellsouth Mobility Authorized Retailers on the East Coast.

In 2003, Mr. Walters ventured into real estate investing where he quickly built a large portfolio of investment properties. After going through multiple property management companies to maintain his own properties, he decided to self-manage. Within 10 years he would be leasing over 1100 properties for other investors.

Mr. Walters’s business style has become so popular that he has become the investor’s top choice for property leasing. He has been written about in publications on real estate & investment trainings, and is often asked to speak across the county on the business of real estate.

In 2005, Mr. Walters spearheaded one of his favored accomplishments to date. He created a Non-Profit in Gaston County named, New Beginnings Center. New Beginnings Center was created to help the homeless, seniors, disabled, & disadvantage citizens with their affordable housing needs. Upon completion of the project, the city was so grateful for all of the hard work that Mr. Walters and his team put into the project they renamed the street, New Beginnings Avenue, honoring his vision.

In 2013, he is yet again expanding his business enterprise and has become a full service real estate leasing & investment company. He is proud to add to his already profitable brand the, MW Done 4 U Division “ MW Properties Turnkey Investments “. Investors who seek cash flow, tax shelters, Done 4 U services, or Joint Ventures may now enjoy additional benefits of his new full service Real Estate Leasing & Investment Company.

Mr. Walters’s dedication to detail has earned him a position as Platinum Member with the prestigious Louis Brown Organization. He is also a proud member of the local Charlotte Real Estate Investors Associations & member of the Landlord Advisory Board for the City of Charlotte Housing Authority.

J. Eric Kindberg

Estate Planning and Estate Administration Attorney

The year Eric graduated from college pointed him to where he is today: in May, he graduated from college; in June, he started graduate school; in August, he got married; in September, he was drafted by the US Army. After spending almost three years in the Army, including one tour in Viet Nam as a Green Beret, Eric used his GI Bill funds to get an MBA from Alabama, and his law degree from South Carolina.

Since then, he has raised two children and one wife, has two “perfect” grandchildren, and is now licensed to practice law in both South Carolina and North Carolina. He has been a real estate investor since 1975 and currently owns several rental properties in the Charlotte area.

Because he practices in areas of the law that are often complex and misunderstood, Eric has written a book, titled “Estate Planning Guide for North Carolina,” to help educate his clients about their options. Eric also gives speeches to business, civic, religious and social groups on these topics.

Alan W. Elam

Alan Elam Board Member Veterans Path Up
National Tax Services, Ltd.

Alan is a US Navy veteran having served honorably as a Submariner aboard the USS Grayback (574) during the Vietnam Era. Upon discharge, he completed his college degree majoring in Business and Accounting. From that humble beginning, he has started and helped numerous businesses. His 30+ years in business, insurance and estate planning have allowed him to provide tax consulting, planning and preparation services with National Tax Services, Ltd.

He specializes in business accounting services and working with the self employed. Industries served range from software engineering, manufacturing, real estate, medical, retired seniors, teachers, hearing aid, banking and mortgage, real estate appraising, recycling to insurance agents. He provides tax and business services to individuals, partnerships, “S” and “C” Corporations, LLCs, LLPs and Non-Profits. He has helped over 15 non-profits achieve approval with their applications to the IRS.

His clients receive a business approach to taxes that other firms lack. That has resulted is an IRS approved programs to reduce taxes and personal liability for anyone with high incomes.

During his career, he taught an Adult Continuing Education class at CPCC entitled ‘How to Start and Operate a Small Business.’ There he taught over 1200 budding entrepreneurs the ins and outs of all phases business, from accounting to marketing to taxes and everything in between. He would bring in experts in all areas to give his students a more rounded exposure to their business.

Alan is a native Charlottean, married to a native and they have two sons.

Howard Braverman


Howard Braverman served as a Captain in the United States Army from 1969 to 1973. He served a tour in Vietnam where he served with the 11th Armored Calvary and the 20th Preventive Medicine Unit. He also was stationed at Tripler Medical Center in Honolulu and Walson Army Hospital, Fort Dix, NJ. He is a member of the Jewish War Veterans Post 765 in Charlotte.

A native of New Jersey, he received his BA degree from Rutgers University and received his Master’s in Health Systems Management from Tulane University. He spent his entire professional career as a CEO of not-for- profit geriatric care facilities. An innovator and entrepreneur, he developed assisted living facilities, a home healthcare company, a medical practice, and oversaw numerous capital and endowment fundraising campaigns.