• From:Winifred Dykes

    Date:Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    Good Morning,

    I would like to personally say thank you to ALL who has given my family the opportunity to heal, to have dignity again just to know we will have a place to call home, to allow my husband continued recovery without the stresses of being homeless, and so, so much more! I cannot say thank you enough. I am in awe of what everyone has made happen for our family. There was absolutely no way I could have done this on my own. Ken, immeasurable thanks to you for acting on behalf of the Veterans and the impact you have made on our family advocating for housing for our family. Mr. Walters, Dinetra, Nina, Ashleigh, my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all of you! When I look at the time of the email communications regarding going ahead with the approval to stop our voucher from expiring, words cannot express my gratitude. I cried! Mr. Walters, thank you so much for taking a chance on our family. You have no idea what this means for us. Dinetra, wow! That last day was hectic, and you never once complained, you were so professional and kind. Even when I had to send one page at a time totaling 15 pages, you never once complained. You went above and beyond to help our family, even communicating with housing authority and VA supervisors via email concerning the RFTA. I know I’ve said it over the phone and email, but you came through for our family so wonderfully, and my sincerest thanks to you! I wanted you all to know the depths of what you all did in housing this Veteran family, in hopes that you will understand the true depths of what my limited words cannot truly express.

    Also, I’ve received the eviction fees and have enclosed those as well. I’ve also attached documentation from my job at Bank of America during that time while I had a horrible lupus flare. I was in a motorized wheelchair and leaving work 3 times a week for physical therapy to learn to walk again. Bank of America tried to find me another position, but my recovery was slow. Short and Long term disability benefits ran out. Those in the rental office were extremely gracious to us. I kept them informed every step of the way, provided documentation from my job, and I was eventually let go, thus leaving 3 months in the hole with the leasing office. It says 4 months in which I have called to question the extra month, but cannot come to a resolve until the regional manager arrives and we meet in person. Nevertheless, we were not in a position to repay the debts or make any type of payment arrangements b/c we were living @ InnTown Suites on North Tryon where the rent is $298/week, almost $1200/month on my husband’s income. We moved out the month before our lease ended, but owed for the months prior that they worked with us. Since the disability income we have now, we have been in contact as to how we can begin making payments on this debt. Please let me know if anything additional is needed to complete the approval, or if everything has been provided.

  • From:Angelina Mack

    Date:Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 3:18 PM

    My name is Angelina Mack and I am a participant of the (SSVF) program. I am a Veteran of the US Army. I must say that this program has been a life saver for me and my family. I am originally from Syracuse NY. I served 6 years and am proud to have served my country.

    There came a time in the last two years that has been a severe financial burden on myself. I am head of household with 3 children. I found myself in a homeless situation. I did not have any avenues, any leads, and little hope. I went to the NC Employment Security Commission to see a Veteran Representative, Bill Douglas. He is the first person to steer me in the right direction. He connected me with Community Link. The staff was very helpful there, but because of their workload, they were running out of money and could not help me.

    My credit is in the 450’s. It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to get a place to call home. Community Link introduced me to this Guardian Angel that is right here on this earth name Ken Lacy. Mr. Lacy has been a God send. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty. I am starting to cry as I type this testimonial because NEVER in my life have I had a complete stranger open his knowledge, heart, and mind to educate and assist me through this turmoil situation in my life.

    He endlessly, relentlessly, and tirelessly provided me with lists of available homes that property owner’s have opened up to Veteran’s. These are not landlords that would have given me the time of day if Ken had not worked on my behalf. He helps the SSVF program to work better. Stand Down, you name it, he is in for the long run to help Veteran’s.

    I am so confident in his knowledge and skills that I hope Mr. Lacy will start his own non-for profit organization that is connected to the government through the SSVF program or one that he may even create to help end Veteran’s homelessness. Mr. lacy has spent his own money to assist with temporary housing for me and my children, youngest 18 months. He eagerly and effortlessly went to bat for me with MW Properties. I have run into complete strangers(property owner’s) while house searching and would bring up his name and nothing but wonderful words would come out of their mouth on how diligent he works for Veteran’s and in my own word’s probably doesn’t even get paid for it.

    Without Mr. Lacy’s involvement I would still be homeless. I have been homeless since 4/15/2015 until 7/24/2015, the day before my 43rd birthday. Mr. Lacy can bring stability and peace to Veteran’s who so badly need it. Anything I can do for his cause I will. He never asked for anything in return. Not even recognition. Individuals like him do not come along often, and he needs the recognition. I will walk door to door to get signatures if that is what he needs for me to do in his endeavor on creating his own non-for profit business that can assist so many. He is the silent advocate for Veteran’s and their families that really needs to be in the lime light.

    This is my testimonial provided without duress or any monetary favors. This is truly coming from the bottom of my heart!